AleTwitter picxandra Davis writes poems while bringing up her four sons and working as an English teacher. Born in Kent, she has lived in Suffolk for eighteen years with her husband after graduating from St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

‘Loss has a great grasp of how to mine beauty and pathos from the everyday – Andrew McMillan, Adjudicator of The Ver Prize, 2016

I really enjoyed ‘Sprouts’. I shall never forget this woman spreading ‘like a proving bloomer’ over the chair or the sprout ‘like a ready brain’. Marvellous attention to detail – Pat Winslow, Back Room Poets International Competition 2015

‘Weekend’ is thick with internal rhyme: “We arrive, the working week a smear / of rush, a comet’s dust, / streaking out behind us.” Tell me more! “Like too-stretched bubblegum it sags[…], dead skin in the space of yesterday”. Yes, that’s the stuff. – Penny Boxall, Sabotage Reviews